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What Others Are Saying About...

A review of a novel, film or other creative work is one person’s opinion. And that’s exactly what it’s meant to be. As Darryl Ponicsan, a better known coal region-born writer, put it, “An honest reviewer reads a book and says, ‘I like it’ or ‘I don’t like it’ or ‘I’m lukewarm about it,’ and why.” Here are some opinions expressed on my titles.

Sooner Than Gold

Lindermuth weaves a complicated tale of mystery and suspense with the deft skill of the seasoned writer that he is--Douglas Quinn, author of the Webb Sawyer mysteries.

Practice To Deceive

This fifth and latest entry in the "Sticks" Hetrick series by John Lindermuth measures up once again to the high standard readers have come to expect. And here John has added some extra sizzle by moving much of the action away from familiar Swatara County, PA, and involving Sticks in one of his most complex cases, aboard an ocean liner cruising the Caribbean...Wayne D. Dundee, author of Dismal River and Reckoning at Rainrock.

The Limping Dog

The many characters are believable, the dialogue is authentic and the ending will keep readers totally entertained. This is a mystery that is not to be missed!...Alice M. Dinizo

Being Someone Else

The town of Swatara Creek comes to vivid life at his hand, and each characters is well developed, dynamic, and could stand alone in their own story. I found Being Someone Else a thriller I couldn't put down, and page after page, I found myself on the edge of my seat...T. Quijas "Tam" (Texas)

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